Get Chop – Helping you to buy online with Bitcoin

Be a routine, anyplace

With Chop your local spots will recall your name, your dietary preferences, and also your customary orders. Navigate nearby places just like you would your favourite sites –together with the tap of a button, and a swipe directly. Whether you are ordering beforehand or walking , you may enjoy excellent food and good service at lickety-split rates.

Eat brighter

Browse the menus of local eateries and have a look at wait times so that you can decide where to eat, and if it is well worth the wait.

Order ahead or jump the lineup

We all know you are tight on time, and that’s why Chop enables you to order ahead or jump the line. Organize your pickup, and cover for quick, stellar service in your favorite San Francisco places.

Chop can be location-aware, therefore when you are nearby your favourite places it’s possible to order your usual before launching the program. Simply swipetap, and appreciate.


Know if your order is up

Always know just how long your order will require and if it is prepared by following its progress onto the program. We will also send you a friendly reminder as soon as your purchase is up.

Easy-as-pie pickup

We believe you need to always have the ability to enjoy great meals on the move.


Buying with Bitcoin

Chop is a portable trade startup based out of San Francisco to earn order takeout simpler. At the age of computing the physical universe is recently navigated from the OS in our pocket. Smartphones can perform everything from studying food tastes and everyday routines, to creating safe transactions with the tap of a finger.

Chop concentrates on instantaneous, contextual trade through an”interaction on demand” consumer experience, whether through programs, chat customers or the physical net. It’s the mobile commerce solution that’s cheap and future-proof, equipped with company owners, both small and big, in your mind.

If you are thinking of residing on cryptocurrency, you won’t get too much in case you can not fill your tummy. Conquer the hunger pangs and utilize your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin in 6 of their most common fast food and dining restaurants together with chains across the US.


Get a Whopper-sized supper at Burger King

Take a rest with a coffee and treats at Dunkin’ Donuts

Hit on the Mexican grill in Chipotle

Make it a pizza night using Papa Johns

Celebrate the 80 million pizza out of Bitcoin Pizza Day in Dominos

Treat yourself to a tasty dessert in The Cheesecake Factory

It is true — each cryptocurrency believer should purchase a meal together with it at least once. The debut of restaurant and food coupons brings the community much closer to living readily on cryptocurrency. Head to to store the newest vouchers!

It is possible for individuals around the globe to reside on cryptocurrencies with mobile top ups in over 160 countries, and gift cards for travel, video games, video games, restaurants, entertainment, and much more utilizing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, along with Dogecoin. For faster access to buying top ups and gift cards, then download the Android and iPhone apps.


How to Buy Bitcoin

Get a Pocket

First you will require a Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash pocket — a program which allows you get, hold, and invest Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

It is possible to use one or more one of these popular Payment Protocol compatible pockets to produce secure, effective obligations to BitPay retailers.

It’s a wonderful choice for paying BitPay bills because it calculates adequate miner fees. Additionally, it is secure and simple to use.

Move Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to your pocket

If you don’t have Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash on your pocket still, you ought to purchase some.

Exchanges can be found all around the planet, enabling consumers to convert any currency into and from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Each nation and area differs, so you will want to do some research prior to deciding upon an exchange.

For people in the United States, the BitPay program gives a very simple integration using Coinbase enabling users to purchase bitcoin straight from the program.

Exchanges and accounts don’t ship your bitcoin obligations instantly, so they’re not great for paying BitPay retailers. To Utilize Your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, draw your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in the market to your Payment Protocol compatible pocket prior to Trying to spend it.

Building a blockchain payment is quick, easy, and incredibly secure.

To make a payment, then you will not have to input any sensitive card info. Alternatively, you’ll just ship the payment out of your own pocket program.

Remember to send your payment through the 15-minute payment . BitPay only ensures that the fixed BTC or BCH cost for this period of time. Don’t send payments to perished bills.

There are lots of strategies to cover a BitPay bill from the wallet.

In case your wallet is really on a unique cellular device, you are able to scan this code to start the payment on your wallet. Your wallet will lock with the right getting Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash speech and sending sum.

In case your wallet is about the device you are using to see the bill, it is possible to open the payment on your pocket by tapping .

Duplicate the payment URL in the bill and glue it on your wallet’s”Send” display, check your payment information, and send the payment.

Miner charges would be the price your wallet pays to get the calculating power which affirms trades on the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks. Miner fees aren’t BitPay fees, plus they can’t be reimbursed. These charges can be lower or higher based on the amount of transactions waiting to be verified on the Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash networks.

The Network Cost fee contained on your bill total covers the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash miner fee price of BitPay’s trade sweep to your payment. It isn’t included with all refunds. Learn more about the motives for this price .

BitPay supplies reporting and tools for retailers to look at successful payments and handle their particular refunds in Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash. If you’d prefer a refund or want assistance in receiving your purchase to get a successful payment, then please contact the retailer directly. They may begin the refund process or help you receive your buy.

Bear in mind you will have to supply your BitPay bill URL or your order ID for your retailer to aid you. Merchant refund policies vary, therefore please contact the retailer to go over refund choices.